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Typing into the Void II

Meaningless Drivel and Sarcasm

Dear Internet, I Have A Question....
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I Saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
harry potter

And It Was Good.

This will contain rambling spoilers, but then again I am operating on the presumption that we all read the books anyway.Collapse )

What do you guys think?

Grrrr.... ToM Spoilers (Not Really, But you never know)
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God dammit, Brandon:

Spoilers, I suppose, but only things that would peeve me.Collapse )

Quick Question....
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What's a 'pingback' and do I want any?


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So, This Week's Mad Men....
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Jeeze Louise.

On a show filled with all sorts of loathesome (but amazingly dapperly dressed) men and weird and enigmatic (but crisply stylishly attired) women, we have a new character who is ABSOLUTE PURE EVIL.

Dr. Fay(leave off the 'e) Miller, a trained psychologist prone to conducting creepily invasive focus groups with people who have no choice because they work there (no, let's not go pay people for participating in market research, no let's force our secretaries 'cuz they have no say otherwise! Brilliant!). She normally dresses in the sixties equivalent of a power suit (I guess) dramatic black and white suits with large and probably expensive costume jewelry. But when she's poking around other people's vulnerabilities: a nice soft blue sweater, minimal make-up and tasteful little pearl earbobs. All the better to blend in with the guinea pigs. She purposefully wants her named mispelled on her nametag so she can make a show of being aggreived "oh, poor little me, no one cares about me."

After reducing one poor girl to hysterical tears, Dr. Fay(leave off the 'e') retreats back behind the mirror to analyze and discuss. Only the well-intentioned Peggy checks on the crying girl. When another character pops in to ask if "she" is okay, Dr. Fay (leave off the 'e') coldly, indifferent;y asks "who?"

Seriously? Whodathunkit that there would actually be a character so malevolent she makes Don Draper look like Sir Galahad?

They are so totally going to be a couple, right?

Correct me - didn't there used to a brusque, Geman lady psychologist on staff at Sterling Cooper in season one?

Please Tell Me You Watch Mad Men?
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I just caught the seaon opener. 

I must say  I think there is no better character on television today that Joan Harris nee Holloway.

Admit it, you squeed when we saw she finally got her own office.

I just dig how competent she is at EVERYTHING:
Whip up a quick little Christmas party on zero notice? Done.

Get me a furnished apartment (in Greenwich Village, by the way) because my cold, alien wife kicked my scumbag ass to the curb? Done.

Run a sprawling office while also reading scripts looking for clever product placements? Sure.

Throw a casually elegant dinner party, cook a roast, behave graciously and flawlessly and play the accordion while singing in French? No problem whatsoever.

Help us conduct a weekend commando raid on the office so we can swipe all the best stuff we need to start an upstart agency? I can do that, plus I already hired movers.

Conduct triage on a mortally wounded Brit due to an office-related lawn mower mishap? I am not even phased.

Plus, I dare say, the woman is built like a brick shithouse (although, I don't really understand that compliment).

edit: I just saw [info]verbicide's  post.

We Turn, Now, To A Fundemental Existential Question.
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Poll #1602000 Kindle?


Yes, why have you waited so long?
Yes, with reservations - see comments
No, I just like the concept of owning a book
Yeah, but you have an iPod right?
Yes, but get the supe-deluxe new one
Nook, you fool!
The hell with this, iPad, jerk
Why must we always argue?

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Alright - first things first: the first five chapters of Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan book, Cryoburn, are available! Frabulous Joy! I just recall so fondly the fun discussions that we had on usenet as the chapters of A Civil Campaign werre rolld one, one by one.

Talk to me, people, about the current state of the Taltos books?

Hey, has anyone read anything of Brandon Sanderson's stuff other than his WoT books? I read Elantris, which was okay (and wonderfully self-contained), gave upon on the Mistborn series.... and am in possession of Warbreaker with its amazingly garish and twee cover art. I, super dorky, unapologetically SFish me, is slightly embarrassed about reading it in public.  Plus, it is a bit... whimsical - the princess-heroines have hair that changes color with their emotional state? Really, Brandon? Really?

Speaking of books that I picked up because of off-hand references, I picked up Josephine Tey's The Daughter of Time because Kate mentioned it somewhere on

It's cool. Premise? A hospital bound English detective (well, in-book, he's an "inspector") is having his friends and such bring him reading materials and he decides to do research vicariously through all sorts of books and accounts and novels to prove that Richard III did not kill the "Princes in the Tower." It's very much along the lines of The DaVinci Code in so far it's historical mystery easily unravelled by clues hidden in plain sight, but's also a sleek fun little book.  It also differs in that it doesn't suck. If you an avout Ricardian, as I am, you should read it. Oh sure, so the history is a little breezy and borderline inaccurate, but wow, what a fun book.

Does anyone know of a good, English, readable treatment of the Songs of Roland, the so-called Matter of France?

What's everyone else reading?

Now This, This, I'd Pay to See.
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Jane Austen's Fight ClubCollapse ) - via Boing Boing
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How Can You Not Love This Woman?
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Judith Martin, aka Miss Manners is a national treasure. "Oh sure," you are thinking, "if the nation prizes fussy etiquette and social preening, Rich."

To which I'd say "No, she is actually very sensible and correct and actually takes pains to ensure graceful and tactful ways out of uncomfortable situations, and by deflating pomposity and most importantly, by calling attention to what are actually rude solicitations disguised as celebrations."

All of that, plus the woman has a sense of humor so fine it could be used to calibrate razor blade settings. You can cut yourself just reading her column.

Exempli Gratia:

    Dear Miss Manners:

    Is it proper for a young lady to brush her teeth in the presence of a young man?

    Only if an improper act preceded it.



Miss Manners: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Seriously, that's just funny and snide and yet tactful all at the same time.

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